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Yeah, Marvel UKs expansion in 1993 was wrought out of greed, more than anything else. I think thats why there's such a dip in quality amongst the original launch books during '93.

...I felt abandoning the 8162 setting of DH meant that stuff like the Undertaker never came to fruition, which was a shame. Even now, I still ponder what 'The Operation' was going to be...

I don't think M:UK's characters were shit at all (I'm sorry whomever wrote that DWM article thought that - although if he's talking about the later stuff I mentioned above, that's fair enough - something that was reflected in Overkill at the time IIRC, as it started running some of that guff). The concepts were sound, they just stood and fell depending on whom wrote them.

My brief thoughts on their key characters:

Warheads was an excellent team book and potentially the most interesting of the bunch, but Nick Vince never really had the characters properly question what they were doing - which was strongly hinted at towards the end of the run. He abandoned the book after #10 which left a succession of writers just filling -in. The stuff with Misha's voice was awful though, easily the weakest moment in the book after such a build up. Towards the end, Stuart Jennet's marvellously scratchy/ blocky Senior-lite work really helped rescue things.

Hell's Angel does read as a very 1990s book now, with all its new age waffle, but it benefitted from a strong central female lead and a writer in the shape of Bernie Jaye whom had a firm handle on the types of stories she wanted to tell.

Knights Of Pendragon II - this was easily the most disappointing book for me. After the frankly essential reading first volume, this just descended from mature readers ecology themes to generic superheroics. This really was what would happen if Americans tackled Arthurian myths, turning it into some dreadful Power Rangers nonsense. What's worse is that this was carried out by the co-writer of the original series! Should have fought editorial harder on this one. Not even John Royle's excellent artwork could save this for me - proved popular enough with the Yanks. Was dropped pretty swiftly from Overkill though after reader disinterest.

Motormouth - I loved this book. Basically, Marvel UK does Tank Girl. Sadly, her US format book was a waste and too much time was spent on the Nick Fury/ Mys-Tech sub-plot which didn't feature Motormouth at all! Nice art from Gary Frank and later, a lady called Rosie Mendoza. Andrew Cartmel wrote the final issue, sadly it was rubbish.

Digitek - superb painted series of Tron-tastic computer adventures in the pre-internet age with Digitek quaintly faxing himself places (!). Wore a very silly hat.

Looking forward to seeing Roche's work on this, although it would have been nice to see Liam Sharp return to the character he created and I hope Tuck features, as whatever else Abnett got wrong with DHII, she remains a triumph

I will read your reviews in a bit, Mr Dalek
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