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As i was reminded when glancing at my reviews in a not-at-all-masturbatory way Sharp actually did a pitch for an Ultimate Death's Head that was basically the II version, so he is presumably still interested in the character, perhaps busy/expensive? Or Roche just doing his cheeky sales pitch on Twitter at just the right moment?
Read your reviews Mr Dalek! I would agree that Dragon's Claws is the better book. makes you wonder how Death's Head would have worked out if he remained in 8162. Ah, the paths not taken.

If I'm honest, I found Panini's reproduction of the DH stuff a bit patchy. I was especially disappointed with the reproduction of 'The Body In Question' - the original printing is much more bright and vibrant than the murky end result we got here.

Also , the colour version of 'Crossroads Of Time' actually originates from a Marvel UK holiday special from sometime around 1989 that featured Alf, Ghostbusters and er, this particular Doctor Who strip, rather bizarrely. It was reprinted in this form in 'The Incomplete Death's Head' (which also states it was the Doctor whom stole Lupex's toy and dumped it on Scarvix).

Many moons ago, I actually managed to chat with Liam Sharp on the Millarworld forums (shameless name dropping, sorry) about his input to DHII. He left the ongoing series as he was dissatisfied with the scripts Dan Abnett was delivering. His vision for the character pretty much surfaced in DHII Gold (and was a much more interesting read than the ongoing). He remains very proud of his work on the character but after Marvel turned down his Ultimate pitch, he moved on.

Like Geoff Senior, Liam Sharp is another talented guy whom should have been massive but strangely didn't hit the big time. The last mainstream stuff I saw him on was some forgettable DC book. I think when I saw him at Thought Bubble back in 2008, he was promoting something based around some video-game tie-in or something, as well as his own creator owned stuff.

EDIT: Perhaps all this activity will convince Hasbro to pump out that Death's Head action figure they promised over a year ago. A Heroclix will not suffice!
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