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I think, at least in theory, it's a good time to bring the books together for an event.
I disagree on the grounds that not enough time has passed in-universe to mean anything. Out of universe, I really have to wonder about readers who have just been itching to see Rodimus hang out with Bumblebee again and for the green orc guy to give him a hug. These are not compelling reasons to bring the contrivances in by the bucketful.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and a lot of the set up hasn't been hugely exciting.
I'm adopting my very low-ebb Regeneration One approach - I'll read it because I guess I'm a bit dumb but I'll keep an eye out for nice nuggets. Mind, that's not working out so well for Regeneration.

And as I've already said, this should be the end of Shockwave. After pulling a stunt like this, he cant hang about in the background scheming anymore.
Yeah, apart from that tidying-up scene in Wreckers and the flashbacks in Shadowplay he's not really done anything that justifies him not being killed in his Spotlight.
The same goes for the Dinobots too, really.
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