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I met Scioli last year in Angouleme and we got talking about lines of influence - how you can take a throwaway thing like He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe and unpack all this wonderful stuff that it stole from quite liberally - it's an 80s artifact but it was made by people who were from the 50s and 60s and were generally quite widely read with surprisingly good taste. We talked about the delight of rediscovering those things with an eye to history, how even the lowest of the lowbrow will have old, grand dreams rattling around inside of it. I thought I was being very clever and leading the conversation, then he looked pointedly at his American Barbarian collection and I realised that he was a Level Eight Mage at this influence-tracking stuff and I should pay attention to the things he has done.

So I'm trying not to get too excited but there may well be a lot of unpacking of what exactly things like Transformers and GI Joe are trying to say in their weird, derivative way. They both have these winding legacies in 20th century culture, from Gerry Anderson to Gary Gygax, X-Men to Rossum's Universal Robots.

Also it will probably be funny as hell.
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