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Thoughts on this whole matter;

Movie toys sound promising. Looks like a full cast, distributed among all size classes. Dinobots can be either cars that turn into dinosaurs, or actual dinosaurs that turn into robots. We'll wait and see. Still no leader decepticon.

Generations; they really do like the Wreckers, don't they. All we need is a decent Impactor and possibly a Rack N Ruin and we've got everybody! Looking forward to seeing Brainstorm and Hardhead-they should be close to their comic book selves. Jhiaxus is great too-whichever way they go. Chromia stinks of a repainted Arcee.

Wouldn't put too much faith on LDR Megatron and Jetfire, logic points to these listings being of Hasbro Asia, which in turn points to them being ROTF fancy repaints.

No comment on MP Sideswipe as it looks like another hasbro asia listing.
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