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From what appears to be the trend ever since the combaticon wave last year...

Round 1-Hasbro reveals the wave assortment, people go crazy, swear they'll buy 50 of them, prices for original moulds/not repaints are soaring high in both retailers and even second hand markets.

--Best bet is to avoid getting caught up in round 1.

Round 2-Hasbro releases a very similar wave assortment a short time later, with some other figures thrown in the mix. Retail prices for the crazy guys on round 1 sort of settle down.

--Good purchasing point.

Sometimes, round 2 is skipped completely in favour of round 3.

Round 3-Takara reveals/releases THEIR versions of said characters for twice the asking price. Most fans go wild, try and overpay for them at American sites, after holding them, realize how much their butt hurts for overpaying for the same figure TWO times, try to sell off their hasbro version for cheaper. Around this time online stores have squeezed the unlucky ones dry and finally start selling the hot figures at regular retail/individual cost.

Hoist, at the moment, is somewhere between round 1 and 2. He can get cheaper, so wait it out.

Skids and Swerve are possibly going to stay in round 1 for a couple of months, before skipping round 2 and going straight for round 3.

It's not much of a help or advice, but wait it out eventually. If I manage a trip to the TRU at Clifton Moor in December I'll grab what I can find.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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