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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
AFAIK, the Skids wave is more likely to be around after Xmas. Interested myself, but not going to spend silly money on him to get early...
Hmm, I've been seeing threads on TF boards where people have Skids, Waspinator, etc. in hand, so I thought maybe the wave was now out. Kapow has the wave on pre-order for a scheduled November release, but their estimated dates can be off at times (understandably). However, the two things together made me think the wave would be in the wild this side of the Queen's speech.

I've been wrong before though, and I'm damn sure I'll be wrong again...

On Hoist, Skids, et al.: I'm not keen on paying prices too far north of the standard TRU UK deluxe price (12.99 ~ $21ish). I could wait and see if Hoist turns up in the UK, but I have serious doubts about any waves beyond that one. Likewise with Swerve. Will the UK get any Generations Legends beyond the (I think still unreleased) Megatron / Starscream wave? I'm not so sure...

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