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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Not likely to pull the trigger on it until after Xmas and seeing the alt mode and some colours on it, but I'm liking this MP scale Slag homage... whereas I think there'll be an official Shockwave at some point, I doubt Takara will do the dinos...
I'd say the Dinobots are very likely, considering their popularity in the fandom. Don't think they'd happen any time soon though, the designers being on an "Autobot car" kick and all. And honestly...not sure how much better they'd be able to do than this anyway, at least in robot mode. That's a great-looking Slag. I love the way the rear dino legs fold up into his shins like that! Curious what the dino looks like, and how it looks with MP Grimlock (which I don't have, making it a bit superfluous for me...).

Shame about the price, though. $200 is pretty steep.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Warbotron preorders are up. Pricing is slightly less than Uranos, and should be around the same size. Hitherto unknown company producing it, though.
Those are supposed to be Combaticons? Eh. One of the many, many things I don't get the excitement for.
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