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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I'd say the Dinobots are very likely, considering their popularity in the fandom.
In argument against them being likely (although it boils down to high cost of entry):

- They'd probably be done in scale with Grimlock, if at all
- They're of interest to most people as an ensemble piece
- Snarl and Sludge are "also there" characters to most people
- The recolour options are minor or of limited appeal (Diaclone, G2)

If the next movie sets off Dinobot fever I wouldn't rule it out, but considering how much a Prime/Magnus/Seeker mould has to be milked and that the trend is for smaller items, I suspect that official sources won't want the risks.

And you've got to consider the effect that third parties getting there first does have; the official piece has to be better or significantly enough cheaper to appeal to both those that were on the fence and those that have already committed.

Shockwave could do it, best guess.
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