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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
- They'd probably be done in scale with Grimlock, if at all
I can't think of any reason why this would be a negative, frankly. I'm way less impressed with Slag after reading that TFW thread and finding out that he's going to be an inch taller than Grimlock and you'll need to give your Dinobot leader a set of aftermarket booties so that they don't look stupid together.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
If the next movie sets off Dinobot fever I wouldn't rule it out, but considering how much a Prime/Magnus/Seeker mould has to be milked and that the trend is for smaller items, I suspect that official sources won't want the risks.
I don't think you can really say there's "milking" going on. With the seekers in particular, even after, what, eight or ten releases the fans keep snapping them up, and you can't go anywhere on the big boards without running into people who say they need a new Skywarp using the new mold, or demanding the design be retooled into Coneheads.

And for Prime, it's just an issue of demand. He's Optimus Prime, pretty much everyone in the fandom is going to want one. They could re-release the mold every year for the next decade and not run out of market for it, since a lot of folks either couldn't find the earlier ones or joined the fandom after they were released.

I mean, if people want it, it's not like Takara and Hasbro are just going to ignore that.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
And you've got to consider the effect that third parties getting there first does have; the official piece has to be better or significantly enough cheaper to appeal to both those that were on the fence and those that have already committed.

Shockwave could do it, best guess.
Sorry, not buying it. I've heard those same arguments too many times about too many things, and seen it proven wrong too many times.

Hasbro will never release the rest of the Classics seekers at retail because of the BotCon set? Wrong. We'll never get a new triplechanger Springer because of the FansProject one? Wrong. Third parties have taken over the combiner market and Hasbro will never make another? Wrong. The iGear MP seekers are better than the official ones, so Takara will never be able to sell that mold again? Wrong (also hilarious, because Takara's MP-11 steals the changes iGear made in the first place). And there's more examples too. In every instance, people went on and on about how awesome the 3P or convention toys were and how Hasbro would never be able to top them, and in every instance people gobbled up the official/mass market versions once they were announced. And it's not even like the newer versions are universally better, but the fandom as a whole has the attention span of a goldfish and forgets about the old stuff as soon as something shiny and new comes along.

Third-party stuff is especially vulnerable because of the high price and lead time between order and delivery. Go read the thread at TFW and you'll see a bunch of people cancelling preorders for some other, different 3P item so that they can order Slag. Three weeks ago, they would have been telling us how awesome those 3P Predacons or Bruticus toys were, but now they're forgotten and Slag is the shit. How many of those folks are going to cancel Slag in turn when a different company reveals, say, MP versions of Shrapnel or Perceptor or Omega Supreme? Or, heck, imagine if Takara announced an official MP Slag next week. Sight unseen, how many people would cancel their preorder on this third-party one for it? I'd say lots.

On top of that, as I understand it the lead Japanese designer has openly stated that he plans to make MPs of all the season one characters (tangent -- that might actually include more characters that I thought at first glance...weren't the first two western seasons released at once in Japan?), and that list would definitely include Dinobots. That doesn't necessarily mean it will happen, and I remain convinced that Takara will stick to their usual bad habits and run the line into the ground/start selling pedophile-attracting figures with the robots any day now, but you'd have to think that the Dinobots would be way ahead of everyone but Bumblebee and the flashier Diaclone cars on their list of stuff that's going to sell.

And in 2016 or whenever they get around to it, these 3P Dinos will be a distant memory and the fandom will greedily snap up the official ones, even if they're objectively worse than the fakes. Because that's just what we do, every single time this situation comes up.
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