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tangent -- that might actually include more characters that I thought at first glance...weren't the first two western seasons released at once in Japan?
Seasons 1 & 2 were merged, yes... but I'm not sure whether it's been somewhat un-done by Japanese fandom's worship of the original cartoon, in the same way otakus take the original Japanese version of a show over a Western chop-shop version. The Pioneer covers, for example, feature the Western logo, drop "Fight! Super Robot Lifeforms", a decidedly Western look to a lot of the art work and could pass as American DVDs; most of Ichigawa's semi-official work is heavily focused on the Western cartoons as a base, etc. It's always kind-of amused me that Western TF fans were/are always interested in Dai Atlas and Sixknight while the Japanese fans are "Who? Let's talk about Optimus Prime and Bumblebee please...".

[/curious uninformed unrelated speculation]
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