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A bit more on-topic, 3rd Party stuff just leaves me strangely cold. It feels too abstract, it's too expensive and it's all oddly samey. No matter what facet of Transformers is firing my... fires... at any one particular time, be it a well-timed re-read of a Titan TPB, catching a few episodes of Prime, reading Eugen or having a Bayathon, the thing that remains largely unshakeable is my love of the Diaclone-based toys, warts and all. I've got MP Sideswipe sitting here and he's great, but he's also strangely transient compared to the block-legged party-shagging-motion-expert original. I'm the same with 3rd party stuff - there's always going to be a slightly better Prowl to come with articulated toes and a little persex cloud of smoke you can clip onto his gob, but the original is there, finite and in its' own way beautiful and perfect, job done. The updates are always going to get updated on and superceded, and it's too expensive to win the game (well, unless you shill for TFSource).
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