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Wait wait wait wait.... didn't the Dinobots show up in the western season one regardless? If so, they're in that first group no matter how the episodes are categorized.
Yeh, sorry, was tangientally wandering, obviously the Dinos are S1 either way. Do, say, Air Raid or Groove count as Season 1 characters to the Japanese or not?

The cartoon straddles the toy releases quite awkwardly when you think about it - Season 1 covers the 1984 range and the advance figures from '85; Season 2 has the bulk of the 1985 range (after a dozen or so [?] episodes using the Season 1 cast...) then the first few figures from 1986, the Movie has the bulk of the 1986 range, Season 3 tidies up the rest and has the advanced guard of 1987...

Yep, that was pretty much my thesis statement for this article.
Nice read - must pay more attention to the site. And yeh, I think it's going to be a big problem for 3rd Party companies in the future. I would theorise that while there might be a lot of dilly-dallying over ordering that once a 3P figure arrives in a collector's hands as long as the quality is passable they're inclined to stick - so say you buy a third party Shockwave that's excellent and then in a year's time someone else comes up with a slightly better one, the collector is likely to stick unless they have money to burn (or shills for TFSource) as the price is so high.

Whereas Hasbro's unit prices are lower which would probably make buyers more willing to upgrade - if, say, a new 'Classics' Prowl was to come out which did a better job than the Universe one, even if not by much, lots more people would be tempted to take a punt as they're paying $13 or whatever rather than five, six times that.

Where the third party products might be competing more directly with Hasbro are the random recolours - RTS No Seriously Tracks Did Just Look Like Wheeljack With Backwards Legs might have found fewer mugs buyers if there'd been more of a prospect of a 3P Tracks that maybe looked a bit like Tracks. But then I suspect even on 'fannish' recolours like Black Shadow Hasbro's buyers are probably still 95% kids, so it won't bother them overly. Alt/BT were I suspect quite lucky not to have such skilled competition.
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