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Few things/theories on lack of Galvatron thus far...

TT is running two parallel MP lines, the smaller subline [cars and cassetes] and the larger subline [leaders, bigger figures].

The rate of release, so far, has been like 1-2 leaders among a myriad of smaller releases.

Sadly, they're running out of the A-team for popular mainstream leaders, so they're probably stretching it thin as it is.

Since they are trying to pimp out licensed cars, which better leader figure than the one who has an alt mode designed to interact with up to 4 cars?

Galvatron and Megatron v2 will come, no doubt about it.

Star Saber is going to be designed by a different guy as to not step on the mainline's release schedule. This designer is the one that has worked on lots of universe 2.0 toys [RID 2000 Prime, Universe 2 Prowl, Sunstreaker, Inferno].
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