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Default New IDW mini-series: Windblade

So a new comic was announced over Christmas about the winning Frankenstein of a fan poll for a new Classics toy.

This caused some discussion because the toy's character is female:

The writer of the upcoming comic is Mairghread Scott, who has been penning the Prime and Rescue Bots shows for a while now along with that Beast Hunters comic, has issued a formal Q & A and the discussion continues:

Most of the discussion centres around the old gender-in-Transformers issue. I don't know anyone who is keen to defend the Arcee Spotlight on any grounds and it looks like a torturous and probably unnecessary Barberesque explanation is in the pipeline. It is very much of the zeitgeist as the treatment of female characters in comics is white hot at present. Scott seems to be sensitive to the many touchpoints of the problem.

So maybe we could discuss that. That will almost certainly be better than reading what the average TFW2005 poster has to say.
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