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(On that note, I'd like to have Cybertronian modes that weren't the least bit humanoid and for the fashion of tetrapod forms and even specifics like vocal communication to only come in after encountering Earth. But I realise I am a big weirdo in this sense)
You'd love Martin McVay's "Back to Basic" fanfics, which take the notion of "naturally occurring gears, pulleys and levers" at face value (while still not contradicting the whole Primus business) and shows prehistoric Cybertronians evolving through a variety of strange forms in an ever-changing Cybertronian landscape in no way fit for humanoid, human-esque life. As a writer he was never that enamoured of the idea of 'sparks', preferring instead the Budiansky angle of brain-modules, downloads, and easy cloning, and he really gets to have fun playing with that.

Hah, IDW are ****ing terrible.
One step forwards (MTMTE; James Roberts in general), two steps backwards (DC, this sort of poorly-realised merchandising).
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