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You'd love Martin McVay's "Back to Basic" fanfics, which take the notion of "naturally occurring gears, pulleys and levers" at face value (while still not contradicting the whole Primus business) and shows prehistoric Cybertronians evolving through a variety of strange forms in an ever-changing Cybertronian landscape in no way fit for humanoid, human-esque life. As a writer he was never that enamoured of the idea of 'sparks', preferring instead the Budiansky angle of brain-modules, downloads, and easy cloning, and he really gets to have fun playing with that.
I vaguely remember that. I must have read it long ago, liked it, then morphed it from a story into an idea I thought I might like. Brains!

Dalek: The fans are to blame surely if they're the ones who came up with this character?

Of course, as with the Doctor Who Blue Peter stuff this sort of thing can be fun, but Who didn't do a four episode arc entirely focused on the Absorbalof...
I remember that poll and it wasn't ever the option of something nearly as fun or creative as the Absorbalof coming out of it. It was a series of radio buttons where you'd vote for things like an alt-mode, a single adjective for a personality and, I presume, a gender. 'Female warrior swordmaster jet' is probably about as interesting as it could stretch.

I was thinking this morning about Rattrap in Robots In Disguise and how his presence was explained in an odd way. He's supposed to have an alt-mode of an alien rat-monster rather than a rat, which is no fun for the artists who have to draw him I am sure. I'm left if that was a good idea or unnecessarily complicated. There are lots of ways you could have had him on Earth, even for an extended period. That would make more sense in some regards at it would give an opportunity to work in a grudge against Bumblebee or Prowl and to have some knowledge of Starscream. If he'd been an off-the-books spy or saboteur keeping tabs on the Decepticon Infiltration team or possibly keeping tabs on the likes of Ratchet for Prowl then he's a little bit more established from the get-go rather than a guy who shows up out of nowhere.

What I am getting at is that however this Windblade comic turns out, we can probably rely on the solutions to any discrepencies being a bit like Rattrap - they come out of nowhere with no relationship to anything else. In a way that is very traditional for Transformers. In another it is a shame as a year ago it looked as if all that fussing and fiddling was behind it.
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