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Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
Not sure if thats really fair. Compared to what else, dreamwave? The marvel stuff.
Why does it have to be compared to anything in particular? Objectively they have made many many more bad comics than good. What Marvel and Dreamwave can claim in relation to this is neither here nor there.

IDW aren't doing that bad a job of the comics at the moment. They have their big head slap moments but to call the output ****ing terrible shits on some pretty decent stuff over the last 2 years.
I'm guessing there's been a lot of decent stuff that doesn't involve the MTMTE process of taking an obscure character, making them zany comic relief and waiting for the jizz explosion. Which is odd, as I thought RiD was meant to be awful.

Last Stand of the Wreckers is genuinely great. Some of the Spotlights that weren't just bleed-over from the Furman forevergoing were servicable, if no more groundbreaking than some of Budiansky or Earthforce's better moments. AHM had genuine promise to at least bring Transformers comics back towards action-adventure after years of sub-space opera only to get ankled by IDW's flip-flopping and their pathetic need to keep Transformers' moronic fandom onside. Everything else has been a waste of paper.
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