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Only time to skim, so not sure who the original author was...

Jazz has been voice by actors from three different races over the years. If, in the next video game, Jazz was voiced by a woman, would you feel the character had been changed at all? If so, you do not perceive Transformers to be asexual. If not, you are a rare, rare bird indeed.
I'd call the alternative batshit insanity. Millions-of-years-old alien robots with a cultural identity predicated on adaptation, and it somehow wouldn't make sense that they pick and choose to mimic whatever culture they're amongst or find interesting?

"Dawn of the Autobots"? Aftermath of Dark Cybertron? Set on Cybertron with Starscream as a major character? Red flags, but if it's a Spotlight/one-shot might pick it up because I'm apparently a glutton for punishment with those. And it's not Barber.

Counting the months until MTMTE hopefully gets back to normal.
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