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Chiptune is the new punk.

Mostly Metal, Chiptune or some combination of the two for me.

I'm inordinately fond of Rainbowdragoneyes, which is a thoroughly enjoyable slice of catchy 8-bit battle pop. Proper metal songs made using a Gameboy layered with some decent vocals to boot. Dance or mosh take your pick.

The online label Datathrash have a nice collection of thrashy hardcore chiptune/chipgrind on bandcamp that is worth a look.

Plus special mention (and shameless plug) for my brother's band 100HandSlap on the aforementioned label and their ep 'Year One'. A nice chugtune ep mixing heavy rock and chiptune. Good song-writing, Nice riffs, catchy chip and some pretty nice vocals it's free to download. Not sure about rules around posting a link, so I won't, but it's tremendous even beyond the familial link honest guv.
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