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Though a former Decepticon (as she'd have to be to have joined the Circle) with a big sword would basically be Drift wouldn't she? They're at least trying not to cover exactly the same ground as their last parachuted in character even if the odds are against them.

On Furman's hatred of retcons... The irony itself is Spotlight: Arcee itself was a retcon of all those fembots hanging about on pre-war Cybertron in Megatron: Origin. So if anything, this new story, as a ret-con of a ret-con goes all the way round infinity to being just a con.

And, without wanting to stick the boot in too much... Does anyone else find the putting of the word "Professional" in inverted commas in Furman's spiel far more dickish than anything Scott said about him? If slagging off your colleagues stops you being professional then Furman's comments over the years about Dan Reed, Will Simpson and The Bloke Who Drew The Human Factor would disqualify him as well.

It doesn't help that he seems to be on the verge of going "I'm not sexist... I've a friend who's a woman. And because I respect women so much I've quoted her wholesale without asking first".

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