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Much silliness has occurred in the past few days.

Mostly because frankenstein poll bot had to be shoehorned into IDW's universe and get a comic dedicated to it. And hey, that bot turned out to be a female.

For once, for just this once, I'm siding with Furman. Lots of uncalled atttaks and criticism on his work, even if his way of defending himself comes off a bit weird.

And yes, it would exhume a lot more confidence if the new writer wouldn't come out and say that basically what Furman did sucks. Would it be so hard to say "hey, we've got something new coming up on that" and leave it at that?

Was never a fan of her writing thus far, and the Prime dinobot comics are just a big YAWN from me, but I'm giving her a chance to see what she can cook up.

This is what happens when hasbro realizes something is selling well and wants to tie in toys to it! THOSE BASTARDS
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