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Considering Furman's 30 year history with licensed properties you'd think that, even if he didn't like the change, he'd at least be more pragmatic as to why it's being done now.
Others have pointed this out, including the man himself, but he's been pointedly sanguine on much more obvious slights. It doesn't look good that this is his breaking point.

Though to clarify, Barber isn't there (though the podcast isn't completely clear as the introductions have been cut off), the guests on the panel were Roberts, Roche, Milne (and apologies for one mistake I've made, it's Nick who says "He only drew it!" rather than Alex himself) and Griffith.
Ah, had that wrong then. I'd assumed the American voice talking about RID was Barber but that must have been Griffith. I have heard Barber's voice before and of course it is nothing like Griffith's.

It's interesting too in how Roberts ends the conversation with a mention of Windblade. I get the impression that he's been in the loop on this for a good while.

Going by his post he seems to have been completely unaware that the treatment of Arcee was a controversial issue that was widely (though yes, not Universally) disliked as through that and the comments he seems constantly surprised. I don't proclaim to have my finger on the pulse of fandom by any means but I was under the impression most people thought the character and her treatment were terrible.
He does talk about the criticism it drew at the time. I can't remember what everybody said about it when it was new but I can imagine it would have fallen more neatly into the 'it's not G1' complaints he's saying it attracts now. The conversation surrounding gender and representation in American comics has developed considerably since then and that is what he seems to be painfully unaware of. I guess it is not in his job description to wander about Tumblr taking in the sights and sounds but there are enough clues on Scott's own blog to point to the context he's missed.

Oh, and to be completely fair, I don't think Scott's Jazz analogy works as IDW and Marvel are the main (only?) places where the Transformers are definitely genderless. The rest of the franchise is, at best, nebulous on the subject
Yeah, I do think that is a misstep and I do agree with Furman about comics being without an audio track. Still, you can't blame the reader for associating Jazz with Jazz when there's nothing in the text to tell them otherwise.

A female-voiced Jazz would be pretty cool, actually. I've been thinking about Jazz a lot this week. That 'Communications' function he has sometimes is a real treasure trove of things to think about when a bunch of aliens go about assimilating a worldwide culture well enough to be able to talk to any inhabitant of that world in way they'd understand. Infiltration had him carrying boxes around as part of his duty. You'd think he'd spend days chatting to Verity & co out of professional interest if nothing else.

Knightdramon: For once, for just this once, I'm siding with Furman. Lots of uncalled atttaks and criticism on his work, even if his way of defending himself comes off a bit weird.
I'm not sure Scott was attacking him though. There was plenty of grumbling from internet denizens like us but that shouldn't matter.

But at the end of the day I suppose his only real crime is being out of touch and somewhat clueless on a specific matter. No need for a witch-hunt but it is disappointing.

Re: The Beast Hunters comic - I've read most of it and it's decent but unremarkable. The most interesting thing about it is how much it reads like an episode of a television show. The series pacing is equivalent, I estimate, to one and a half-episodes of a TV show so does feel kind of undercooked as a comic.

I'm all for Scott working in the non-Prime universe. She's got a good ear for characters and a no-nonsense approach to plotting that are both sorely needed over there.
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