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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
I guess none of that showed up in Furman's Google Alerts?
IIRC he was the other side of the room and the PA was pretty damn loud.

Originally Posted by dalek
Spotlight Arcee is a Transformers comic where a character undergoes an enforced on-panel (complete with big plug in her crotch) sex change against her will
From memory, the character doesn't undergo a change of sex or gender so much as gets forcibly reprogrammed with what an evil lunatic's idea of a female organic might be like.

recasting Jazz with a female actress would be more of a problem as he's never firmly been genderless in any of his on screen appearances
Could imagine Vivica Fox working well. Jazz has a firmer association with human race than gender -- although that's all it is, an association. The character is a really, really old alien robot that turns into things.

Whirl's a cartoon girl with an eyepatch, FFS.

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