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I will respond to Terome more carefully when I'm more sober (look out for it in 2015), but the mention of holomatter avatars shows up the perfect example of something that made perfect sense in theory but where the execution fell arse over tit.

Now, I'm not saying the fault here had anything to do with Furman (as I doubt he was dictating what sort of speech bubbles should be used), it's just a fine example of a team not quite in synch failing to execute something properly.

By which I mean... All the Transformers in the early IDW stuff had special Transformer speech bubbles, which as a storytelling device is presumably supposed to suggest they have special Transformer-ey voices that are different from humans.

Except... the Holo avatars had the Transformer speech bubbles when they spoke as well, implying that the Transformer was just using their normal ("Human English speaking", natch) voice through the avatar. Which means that, just going by the visual storytelling, not only were Sunstreaker and Bumblebee using "Female" voices normally, but Verity and Hunter were really slightly dim in not noticing something really odd about the way the ambulance driver spoke.

And that's a great example of unintended consequences as Furman clearly didn't intend for Sunstreaker and Bumblebee's avatars to mean anything at all else he wouldn't have been so firm subsequently about the no girls thing, so any significance the person doing the speech bubbles intended by their use... was retconed by Spotlight Arcee. Likely without the author even realising he'd done it.

Mind you, and I fully credit Spengs for pointing this out when it whizzed over my head at the time, Infiltration also has the really weird storytelling device where Hunter introduces himself to Verity... and then tells her how to pronounce his surname. Despite having just said it to her. So either he deliberately pronounced it wrong (which seems odd for someone who has a bugbear about his surname) or he knows he's in a comic and that the other characters can only read what he's saying rather than hear it.

That last idea sounds wonderfully meta, but it's worryingly more like the writer with two decades experience (at that point) found the whole speech bubble idea slightly confusing.

[Lets not even get into the Autobots and Decepticons having different coloured speech bubbles in the early stuff (though I think the Devil's Due Joe crossovers did that first?), was that a lot of effort to signify nothing, or was someone really trying to suggest that whether or not you were a villain depended on the tone of your voice?]
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