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Might as well read entrails as read into IDW's ability to keep layout decisions clear...
Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Furman clearly didn't intend for Sunstreaker and Bumblebee's avatars to mean anything at all else he wouldn't have been so firm subsequently about the no girls thing,
It's a "no girls" and "no boys" thing -- and the avatars do emphasise something specific... that robots don't have much use for sex or gender, except insofar as looking or sounding a particular way can help to interact with (mostly squishy) aliens that do have them.

Cybertronians translating whatever pronoun(s) they use amongst themselves into the "he" of other languages doesn't stretch to them regarding themselves as being analogous to organics in specific other ways.

Although there's room for some extrapolation there -- it tends not to be male organics that play a significant role in the creation of new squishies (if only because in species with dual sexes the ones that carry/lay young get referenced by term A rather than term B) and Cybertronians have the matrix / spark field background, so most might view female organics as more or differently alien to male organics.
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