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Furman claims* to have sorted out the bumps with Scott now, who'd have thought actually talking to people would be the solution to problems rather than taking pot shots at them over the internet?

Rather sweetly, Furman is either unable or doesn't know how to disable comments on his blog as he's had to keep asking people not to put new posts now he regards it as all sorted (though considering the tone of the original blog complaining about people being rude is a but much IMHO).

Interesting there's no qualification beyond them having spoken, no "I now understand what she was trying to say" or "She's apologised for any offence caused", makes it sound as if he (if not both of them) is still basically thinking the same but has had enough of all the fuss.

*I'm going to take this at face value rather than being all cyncial and thinking someone at IDW had a word about the chances of future work...
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