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Furman has always had zero respect for the idea of female robots -- his origin for Arcee in the old UK comics was if anything, even more offensive than the IDW one. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that his writing shows very little respect for women in general. Whether that's down to cutting his teeth as a comic writer in the 80s when the audience was mostly young buys who thought girls had cooties and teenage boys who were eager to objectify them or genuine misogyny on his part, who knows? But while it might not have made waves in the 80s it's certainly got no place in comics in 2014, when a large and growing chunk of the audience are adult women who are understandably put off by that crap.

So I imagine he's more interested in smoothing over troubled waters with IDW than actually apologizing.

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
If you start mixing gender in then where do the animals fit in? And if they can be anything why stop at 2 genders - give them five!

As I see it, it should really be just shapes as an extension of the characters personality. Male shape, female shape, rat bat shape - just another aspect.
See, I've always figured that Transformers only had a concept of gender tangentially, due to the other races that they deal with. If Arcee looks female to humans and they want to call her "she", why not? And if a random group of aliens on some other planet figure that she looks male and, say, Prowl or Jazz look female, again, who really cares? It's indicative of a major biological trait to us but to them, it's just a quirk of alien language -- all Transformers (in fact, all life forms) would be an "it" in their native language, not a he or she.

Actually, if Transformers were to place as much importance on any aspect of their biology as we do on sex/gender, I think it would be their alt modes. Transforming is the most recognizable trait of the race and one that they all share, and (via Beast Wars) we know that a Transformers' alternate mode influences the way they perceive the world around them. So Arcee wouldn't "defined" in Cybertronian terms as a girl, she'd be defined as a car (or motorcycle in modern forms).
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