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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Hey, Furman can too write good women characters! They carry guns sometimes and kick arse! Alright, so they tend to be men with tits but still.
That's where he's going wrong -- they should be able to control electricity.

Have always felt it's somewhat biased in itself to regard, eg, female characters with interests in grain alcohol, ultra-violence and gaudy t-shirts, etc. as blokes. Because TBH that describes most gigs I've been to. (Also, my FB feed currently includes this with a comment from someone else "Thank **** for that, maybe now people will stop calling me at all hours to ask me to go brand their breakfasts with my red-hot snatch...")

Usually just means someone doesn't like a male writer's female characters.

Not disagreeing that Prime's Rib is a one-note stereotype gag, incidentally...

Originally Posted by Warcry
if Transformers were to place as much importance on any aspect of their biology as we do on sex/gender, I think it would be their alt modes. Transforming is the most recognizable trait of the race and one that they all share, and (via Beast Wars) we know that a Transformers' alternate mode influences the way they perceive the world around them. So Arcee wouldn't "defined" in Cybertronian terms as a girl, she'd be defined as a car
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