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In one of the early comics a panel had a subnote that said 'loosely translated from Cybertronian'. Since then I've taken the very bland interpretation of robots referring to each other as 'he' simply to be part of that loose translation/simplification,that makes it easier to read for us young humans what buy comics and that.

If Transformers were talking amongst themselves then I'd infer they were talking common Cybertronian, and it was translated for us on the page and using our human naming/sexing quirks. If Buster or whoever was around then they'd switch to English, also observing our naming quirks and whatnot.

So when I read Transformers comics I read them like I was watching alien characters with a babel fish in my ear. If they said "He", that was just the best translation that worked for my brain that was familiar with the two-sex thing.

Also, girl robots wouldn't see the point of fighting. They'd be knitting.
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