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I've never been a fan of Arcee. To me, robots are robots and there's no sex issue, so no need for a pink feminine proportioned robot. But I can understand the love issue existing between Transformers no problem (which I think is handled so well by Chromedome/Rewind, Blaster/Scrounge and Blaster/Goldbug, and um... yeah).

... What if Blaster has a natural predilection for yellow Transformers? I'd be fine with that. People have reasons for liking what they like, at least you can make a story out of that. Maybe when he first came on-line he saw a yellow robot being beaten and he's had strong paternal feeling towards yellow robots since?

See that's what I find offensive about Transformers. You spend all this time reading the comics, all these years and you still don't have much idea of who really likes hanging out with who.

Who does Seaspray like to spend his time with? Do they celebrate occasions/rememberances together? Do Hound and Sandstorm have a strong rivalry? Do Autobots and Decepticons chat occasionally? Why don't we see these things? A small contingent of Autobots faced off against Galvatron to get Jazz back in Target: 2006. However, was Bluestreak in the back saying;

"You know what? Stuff Jazz, he's a tosser. I'm going to Disneyland".

Tech specs began to mould personalities of these robots and it more or less stopped there. With occasional standout performances e.g. Blaster in The Smelting Pool saga.

And you know what else I find a far more serious concern than Arcee? Character lobotomies. Blaster went from being a stellar character in those stories, got slightly distilled when he teamed up with Goldbug, and after that his personality was just dropped and he became largely generic. I know the argument for this is the constant release of new toys but this is about logic and consistency. Grimlock going from nails hard Dinobot leader to grunting neanderthal.

Why should someone care if someone lives or dies? Ratchet clearly cared about Prowl in the Mechanic story, which was fine. But I'd like to see Swoop choosing to defend Lightspeed over team member Sludge in a ruck.

I guess this is partly why I like Roberts and the fact he establishes a few legitimate relationships (Cyclonus & Tailgate).

There are so many more pressing issues with Transformers than the need to throw in female robots.
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