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This is me getting fanciful again but the more I learn about wasps the more I figure that the Decepticons as an organisation would only make sense if gender and reproduction were introduced.

The Decepticons have this weird social darwinist philosophy where they are all expected to struggle and triumph over each other to become the Head Decepticon only this very rarely actually happens. That's quite a lot like how many species of wasps behave - the foundress will be the oldest, the one who does the least work, stays at the hive and who stimulates her subordinates to leave the hive to gather food and defend the young. As she spends the most time at the hive, she can eat any eggs that her subordinates lay and can make sure nobody gets at her own.

Her second-in-command will do almost as little work as her and will constantly be fighting and jostling with her to test her for weakness. If you remove the foundress and put her in a fridge for a week, the second-in-command will start to produce a lot more eggs and act exactly like the foundress. Depending on how long you keep the original foundress in the fridge for, there either be a big fight when you return her to the hive or a meek acquiescence to the old status quo.

Interestingly, the second-in-command does get the occasional egg to hatch under the radar of the foundress. It's a good position to be in!

What I am saying is that I think it would explain a lot if Transformers spontaneously changed gender (or activated their cyber-ovaries) based on social hierarchies and that Megatron was the big mama of the Decepticons and that Starscream and co. were struggling for reproduction rights rather than the satisfaction of giving nebulous marching orders.

I don't know where that would lead the Autobots. Maybe they'd have more distributed reproduction rights or lead a voluntarily monastic lifestyle to avoid innocent youths being involved in the conflict. Or maybe they could act like meerkats and Optimus Prime would murder everybody else's young at birth. Everyone likes meerkats.
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