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To elaborate slightly, we all seem to have realised that when it comes to film and, particularly, television (and comics), we live in character-based times. Back in the bad old days of 2005-2006 Doctor Who fandom this would have been called "soap." Now it's just what drama is.

James is tapping into this so well with MTMTE; we're not just intrigued in the ongoing plots entirely for the plot's sake - no, it's because of what it means for the characters that we've come to love.

Essentially, James is writing Transformers in a similar, character-based vein to what we're seeing all over television drama and this is why his work is digging its claws so deep into people, and even finding fans outside of the traditional places one might usually discover fans of giant transforming robots. It's a fantastic thing, that should be embraced, but I fear there always going to be people that get mortally offended that Ultra Magnus is actually a smaller robot, hiding within the shell of a larger one...
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