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Christ that's good... Bumblebee I can actually picture the engineering of because the toy and the animation model have a lot of big similarities in terms of general body shape - add in a slide-out crotch, pimp the articulation, put the show head on, fold those wheels away, should be pretty intuitive if they don't Binaltech the shit out of the thing for the sake of it. Assuming they've got the VW licence (which, as outlined previously, they surely do) I think he's pretty safe; it'll be how much remoulding they're prepared to do for Cliffjumper that's more of a question (though Red, Blue and Smokey all suggest the answer is quite a bit seeing as those figures would all have sold pretty well as straight redecos).

Wheeljack however has his wonderful but weird original toy and really boring sanded down character model with a lot of potential for screwing up inbetween... that looks like a really good blend that takes the detail and kibble of the toy while using the proportions of the character model.


EDIT: Ooops, August... and he's the next scheduled, yeh? That's cool, actually, might be able to save up funds for MP-10 and Soundwave in the meantime.

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