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So, I bought Doctor Who : Series 4 : The Specials soundtrack me do on DOUBLE CD oooh fancy.

I love Murray Gold's music for Doctor Who. I like he tries a lot of new and different things. That said, there isn't too much of originality on show here. The previous soundtrack releases did feel a little bit constrained by cramming a lot onto one disc and its nice to have silva screen give Murray's work room to breathe on a double set.

The first disc is definitely the best. The scores for 'The Next Doctor', 'Planet Of The Dead' and 'Waters Of Mars' are superb - PoD having a remarkably sprightly and fab set of scores that seem to have passed me by on the broadcast show. The trickly menace of WoM is also great and nice and brooding and sinister.

The second disc covering the two - part 'The End Of Time' is a bit of a let down, mainly because it reheats a lot of previously aired themes and motifs, with only Tennant's regeneration piece and the marvellously spiky and bouncy 'The New Doctor' being much to shout about - and the former somehow lacking the punch robbed of the visuals.

Overall, decent but not up to the Standards of 'Series 3' which is still the best of the Tennant era soundtracks.


Pop Will Eat Itself 'New Noise Designed By A Sadist'

Rather amazing not shit 2011 comeback album from England's Finest. Bought to replace the promo disc I've managed to scratch (yay me). Only Graham Crabb remains from the original line-up, with the others now having proper day jobs or being famous Hollywood film composers (Clint Mansell, if you're interested).

In addition to Crabbie, Mary Byker from Gaye Bykers On Acid joins on co-vocalist duties, and boiler room guys Jason Bowld, Davey Bennett and Tim Nicejumper (forgotten his surname, sorry. but he was wearing a very nice jumper when I saw PWEI 2.0 live) are gel remarkably well together. Massive line up changes do seem to work well when they are all involved in an album.

The only real duffer on the album is 'Captain Plastic', which is a bit throwaway and seemingly only there to make up the numbers. The rest of it fits well alongside PWEI's classic material.

Here's hoping for more
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