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...I couldn't understand that either, if you have a character up there on screen and its likely to appeal to anyone halfway interested in owning a physical representation of that character and you have financed a mould for it...what's the point of not releasing it? Where's the financial logic in that? Perhaps Hasbro figured only Japan would give two hoots and the rest of us can subsist on Prime and Bumblebee toys until our ears bleed. Or something.

I suppose we're going to get another fifty thousand Bumblebee toys out of this as well. So , y'know....faint cheer and sarcastic applause for that.

Given how crappy a lot of the DOTM toys turned out, I can't see the next 'round of Movie toys being up to much. Especially after the dismal finishing and general 'will this do?' release the Prime toys all got.
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