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DOTM was a clusterf*ck, toywise, for many reasons. It was the one good slap hasbro deserved, sales wise.

DOTM was the second or even third time we saw many of these characters. They had the same vehicles and the ones that had any changes [Ratchet, Sideswipe and Bumblebee] seemed very minor.

So what does hasbro do? Release the first wave full of repeat bots. And then include Bumblebee remoulds/repaints in every wave until the end.

What do retailers do? Massively overstock on wave 1 and 2--ironically, the "repeat" waves. Toys are smaller, perhaps even inferior to the ROTF ones, kids/parents/collectors aren't that much into triple dipping into something inferior.

Hasbro goes on an makes a new voyager and leader class for a bot that had one memorable scene in the movie and dies halfway through it.

At least in AoE they've completely revamped the vehicle modes of the repeat bots, added new cars to the cast and even added a more unified look to their robots [they look to take upon Knights]. Fingers crossed the toys will be worth it.
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