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Mmm, I think for DOTM Hasbro drastically over-estimated how much kids would want to upgrade figures... Prime and Bumblebee are understandable, they're the stars and despite the saturation Bumblebee seems to have gone more quickly than anyone else from DOTM. Ratchet, Ironhide and Sideswipe? They're the guys that are there for us, basically - not reeeeally doing a lot in terms of plot or close-up time, getting the odd cool bit, but that's about it. Ratchet especially has had a terrifying amount of toys.

Hasbro seemed to assume sales would pan out basically the same as ROTF and intentionally padded out the first couple of waves (Skids, Mudflap, made-up Ratchet deco) so they could spread out the screen characters...
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