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Two years is certainly too soon -- with Beast Wars they had to wait ten years for a slightly-more-accurate reissue, and with Generation One around twenty plus years until Classics shows up?

Problem with DOTM is that in addition to oversaturating the market with repeat characters that appear in the movie (Ratchet, Ironhide, Starscream, Sideswipe -- new alternate modes notwithstanding, technically Barricade), they also saturate the market with repeat characters that don't appear in the show (Skids, Mudflap, Arcee, poor Jolt) and repaints of characters already in the toyline (at least Bumblebee, Starscream, Ratchet and Optimus had repaints that plugged the shelves).

The first two Deluxe waves had the following figures: Bumblebee, Crankcase, Ratchet, Roadbuster, Skids, Starscream, Barricade, Jolt, Sideswipe, Topspin. Out of ten, only three are new characters, and really, who wants Crankcase?

If Hasbro had any sense they would've placed, say, Soundwave or Laserbeak or Dino or Que or Leadfoot in the earlier waves and kick away the likes of Skids and Jolt. Painting Jolt white is also a bit of a headscratcher... surely the only people who want Jolt is people who care what Jolt looks like, and wasting resources to make a new mould for Jolt and painting him white is counter-productive?

And while we might be excited for leader class versions of Ironhide (or Jolt), kids would prioritize getting leader class versions of Sentinel Prime, or Shockwave, or even the new Megatron more than getting Ironhide... which is more or less similar, design-wise, to the three or four Voyager class Ironhides from movie lines past.

I mean, I certainly appreciate the amount of added detail and playability and design-awesomeness that a Leader Class Ironhide adds to the table, and I certainly appreciate having a Deluxe Class Starscream or something, but a lot of kids won't see that -- they just go 'oh, I already own this character' and move on. In a different manner I also do that as a character, where I readily dismiss Masterpiece versions of Bumblebee and Wheeljack even before seeing their pictures since in my mind I already own a lot of them. Yeah, better designed, more expensive, more collectible... but my generation one and Prime and Generations and Animated toys say otherwise. I'd rather buy a new character with my money.

Not to mention the whole downsizing aspect of the Deluxe class while still charging the same amount of money probably puts a sour taste in many collectors' mouths, not to mention shoving ugly-looking Mech Tech weapons everywhere. Some of the toys are also fairly disappointing -- Que and Crankcase were messy, Roadbuster was sticky and underdetailed, Shockwave had ugly shoulders, Megatron is sadly unpainted... and unlike ROTF, where the big toy you beg your parents to buy is the mighty Devastator, in DOTM the big toy you beg your parents to buy is... an out-of-scale Optimus Prime with butterfly wings. Which is available in the toyline from all sizes Cyberverse to Deluxe to Voyager to Leader.
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