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They might have guessed that movie 'Bee already had enough toys though - he was into double digits by the end of the ROTF toyline!

Interesting as well that the Voyager Prime for DOTM was a massive step back from the impressive HFTD Voayger toy - looking more like the '07 Voyager.

I can see Hasbro responding to consumer feedback that a lot of the movie toys were too complex for children (even now, there's an amusing amount of ebay auctions for ROTF Leader Class Prime in a right old state as wider consumers really seemed to have struggled with the thing) in the DOTM line's relative simplicity, but did they really think they could convince folk to shell out on more of the same?

DOTM went the way of just about every other Movie tie-in toyline (and so did ROTF really - a fair bit of that was remaindered) - initial interest followed by huge drop off and then clearanced to the hilt (see also : Pirates Of The Carribean, Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man 2 & 3, The Avengers, The Hobbit - this one really impressive in the UK as the toys have totally bi-passed normal toy retailers and ended up straight in remainder stores clearly having shipped far too late for anyone to care).
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