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ROTF was the most profitable/best selling/best of best line in the franchise.

And looking back and comparing it with everything that came after, I can certainly see why.

4 Unique leader moulds. 1 of them highly playable [Megatron], two of them extremely intricate and detailed [Starscream and Prime], so [Jetfire]. Almost all of them with a more detailed repaint.

The voyager moulds/remoulds were very nicely done.

The deluxes Either Sideswipe mould, with full on SILVER paint? Gloss, silver paint?

A HA line that rocked, mould and paint wise.

And everything was shipped okay except for the fact that HA Bumblebee shipped with EVERYTHING.

None of the above were true for DOTM. They got a fantastic LDR Sentinel, a fun voyager Shockwave and...not much else.
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