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Default IDW 'After the dark' teases

There's a thread on Full Metal Hero listing the promotional teaser images trickling out of IDW to get forumites talking about what is coming after Dark Cybertron, as that does seem to be the most interesting thing to talk about when it comes to Dark Cybertron:

There's one of Optimus Prime straddling the Earth and banging his head on the Moon, one of Windblade posing generically and one of Megatron wearing an Autobrand while the Lost Light flies out of his knees, as so:

Now, it's not the least obvious stunt in the world but the same sort of thing was done (to my mind) very well in Fables. I do maintain that Megatron is a better character when absent but at the very least it could be an noble failure.

As for the reactions, I do like that the Lost Light's design means that it is instantly recognisable for readers. It's not a stunning piece of design work but the comic its in is very good at emphasising locations.
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