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I've been thinking for a while now that the Lost Light needs some Decepticon crewers on board to spice things up at bit. Not that it needs much spicing, given who all is onboard that we haven't seen much from yet. But it would open up new areas to mine for story.
There are the underutilised guys in the brig. I'm sure they will not be forgotten.

I get the feeling that the Scavengers may be the big villains for Season 2 of MTMTE. At least I hope so. A semi-sympathetic, nega-version of the Lost Light has a lot more mileage than the DJD. Like Megatron, they are best used off-stage.

If Megatron does end up on board in a lasting and satisfying way, perhaps a thread will be that they roam about scooping up lost Decepticons for whatever reason?

Hmm. If provisions are being made to rejig the cast in that sort of way perhaps we should expect casualties in the latter half of Dark Cybertron. Right now we're on Devastation levels of mourning people's legs. No, scratch that - we're on negative losses with all the resurrections.
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