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I would go completely the other way. I was so impressed with Megatron's words to Prime in Chaos Theory, something like;

"I will wade knee-deep in the entrails of every one of you, I will burn your mail, trample your flower beds, put porn on your machines, drain your bank accounts and splatter your pets across the wall and make you watch. I will never stop until I have destroyed you all, and nowt you say will ever change this".

He has never seemed more committed, more potent and more dangerous in the entire everything of Transformers than at this point. I would rather see him follow through and destroy every Autobot than change his ways... his conviction is THAT impressive.

Honestly, how cool would it be if Transformers ended and Megatron really did slaughter everyone? Following through on his every word. And at the end of it all he puts his cannon down to rest, peace is achieved and the Universe is happy. No more Transformers stories, an utter blaze of glory... and best of all most readers actually seeing Megatron's point & agreeing with him. In the world of TF's I can think of nothing more offensive than turning Megatron into a prissy do-gooder.

Seriously, once they realise there's no more money to be drained from Transformers they should do it.


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