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Megatron said Nowt? Awesome.

Seriously if an Auto-branded Megs does join the cast of MTMTE for season 2 then surely it will involve a Megatron v DJD showdown. In fact, a fair guess would be he is the one who ultimately destroys them. Then off course we could have the rematch between Megatron and Overlord. There's potential in this idea somewhat.

Looking at the three pictures it looks like Wingblades series will take over from where Rid has stagnated (cybertron) and RiD will move to an Earth based story while MTMTE will shoot off in a galaxy of greatness.

Really hope Wingblade appears in the final issue of Dark Cybertron to kill Shockwave and save the day. What a great way to start off this popular fan-fave!
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