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Definitely looking forward to that. Wonder if Megatron has actually changed, or there's just a unified "All Cybertronians are Autobots" movement.

No Bumblebee or Rodimus in these covers. Last time the universe split, those two spearheaded the covers/tittles. Now, it's Prime and Megs again. Hmmm.

As for IDW's readers, I wonder if the masses of readers back in early Furman's era would have still been around if they were reading MTMTE or RID.

Furthermore, I don't trust those numbers too much. They don't include comixology stats, they're only for North America [as far as I know] what's the point? For all you know, [random example], MTMTE 22, including Europe/Asia/comixology and even Generation Skids figure could have sold over 50-60.000 issues.
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