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I'm looking forward to the toy art book, Sorenson [I almost just said "Jim" there, but Cliffy would jump in with a long list of Jim's and then go "Which one is it then, hey!"] knows what he's doing and showed off some stuff at the last AA that was so obscure even the 9 year old super-fan didn't know what it was.

As for those posters... I can think of about ten different ways Megatron with an Autobrand could be a cheat (a flashback issue revealing at one point-pre-war he was an Autobot! A scam in the present that requires him to pretend he is an Autobot as part of a Mission: Impossible style massive trick on someone like the Galactic Council!), but my main hope it is it's Roberts' who is writing him as he has a far better handle on Megatron's character. Barber tried for "Master manipulator who knew everything that was going to happen in advance" but, much like McCarthy, only managed "Idiot who was constantly triped up by unexpected events but still tried to pretend it was all part of his plan".

And Death of Optimus Prime, despite the flaws inherent in the set up, was a pretty good issue
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