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Isn't Megatron wearing an autobot logo a bit too much like a black man wearing a southern cross or a jew wearing a swastyka? Apologies for the linking of a comic image to genuine issues but what I mean is that Megatron for years was oppressed by those who wore the autobot logo. I can buy him siding with the Autobots of recent time (he did already against both Thunderwing and D-void) but I dont know if I can buy him wearing the logo.

Also wonder that if Megatron himself does abandon his own cause of the decepticons than maybe we might see a new faction form from the old decepticons - predacons or something like that. Might give a change to the new dynamic if they are written as a different type of enemy.

Here's my guess - Megatron will be assuming command of the lost light and their mission will be to search the galaxy for rogue decepticons and either rehabilitate them or take them out. As for Rodimus? Whatever happens I cant see him being able to co-exist with Megs on board even if he is still in charge.
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