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Still on a PWEI bent at the moment, thanks to Cherry Red (the record label equivalent of IDW) reissuing their back catalogue with the usual 'bonus material'.

'This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This is This!' second album proper and first for major label RCA, this 1989 album remains remarkably fresh and exciting to listen to. A furious cut 'n' paste mash up of hip-hop, house and rock enlivened by some choice sampling (everything from B-Movies such as 'The Warriors', to 'Transformers: The Movie' and 'Robocop' to curious TV and radio soundbites and cheeky swipes from James Brown and Queen) and some top tunes ('Def Con One', Satelite Ecstatica', 'Radio PWEI' and 'Can U Dig It?') make this one of my favouritist albums ever. One of those records that, production wise, has had more influence on how pop music is made than anything else.

'The Looks Or The Life Style?' fourth album and their third and final for RCA before being unceremoniously dropped. This 1992 album seems a return to the more guitar driven style they'd started their career with. The samples are dialled back (no doubt due in part to any samples having to be cleared and royalties paid by this point) and armed with drummer Fuzz, the Poppies take on a more muscular sound with some smarter songs - although there's still time for a bit of larking about with 'Bulletproof' and 'Get The Girl...Kill The Baddies!'. Its the likes of 'Mother' and 'Harry Dean Stanton' that hint of a more interesting musical future.
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