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Haven't picked it apart and I'm not an audiophile, but sound quality seems fine and in line with other releases. Considering how hard to find the earlier CD releases are, this price including shipping for a low production run import is good stuff. It's a mainstream release with a proper catalogue number, etc. but not a mass release.

Regarding sequencing, some of the shorter tracks appear to have been merged; for example, "2005" + "More Luck Than You Imagine" becomes "Moon Base 2 - Shuttle Launch" on this release. It seems to follow 'Til All Are One in placing the destruction of the second moonbase later on the disc than the destruction of the first, whereas Lighting Their Darkest Hour runs them together. That's just based on skipping through quickly, though. And the alternate version of the title theme (not used in the movie) has been omitted, apparently in favour of keeping the score complete but also including the Legacy demo track, which was sensible and probably makes this the best overall release to date.

For comparison --

'Til All Are One timings:

Lighting Their Darkest Hour timings:
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